MAX BIRD assume : J'essaie de comprendre

From 12 January 2024 Petit Palais des Glaces
It's duuuur to think against yourself...
...And I think there are a few of us who need to learn to do that.

Do you tend to get into a lot of arguments with friends or family (about social issues, film reviews, controversial subjects, etc.), often violent, that don't really advance the cause because nobody really changes their mind?
You're probably an idiot, it's boring, it has to change.

Even the scientists, even the experts, say they can't measure just how complex and nuanced the world is, just how complex and nuanced our brains are. So if you assume that you know how people work, how things work, because "well um it's not me there are studies".
You are.
You must be.
A big idiot.
It's boring.
Things need to change.

As a seasoned expert in the field of opening your big mouth on subjects I know little about, I invite you to come and discuss our collective inability to be properly informed.

Oh yes, I'm warning you that it's going to be an uproarious show!
It's going to be fun, but we're going to get bored. It's painful, isn't it?
If you want to come and see me to take your mind off your everyday worries, this might not be the right show for you!