From 11 January 2024 Palais des Glaces
Swann Périssé has never been calm since she was a child. She thought that serenity would come with age, but at 30 she had to admit that she had anger problems. At first, she thought she was on her own. Then she asked the people around her about their techniques for dealing with anger. The answers were so disturbing that she thought she should put on a show.

That's when she realised that in women, anger is associated with madness.

Calme is a hilarious stand-up show about anger, hiking, sex, sex toys, consent, haters, enema, justice, ecology and, above all, outrage.



Swann Périssé is the presenter of the talk show Y'a plus de Saisons, and has been producing funny, eco-friendly and feminist content for over 10 years on her YouTube channels and insta pages, which have over a million subscribers. She has been back on stage since January 2023.

Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes