MALIK BELKHODJA dans Maintenant

From 13 January to 27 April 2024 Petit Palais des Glaces
Born in Algeria, reborn in Tunisia and now living in France, Malik's story is one of an eternal tug-of-war.

Torn between these three countries, torn between the pursuit of his dream and that of professional stability, between his quest for love and his desire for freedom, between his Muslim faith and the temptations of life, Malik has made the choice not to choose and gives us all this in a show that is as funny as it is touching, where everyone will be able to recognise themselves.
A true bridge between two cultures, Malik's adventures on the two shores of the Mediterranean give us a real reflection on living together and the weight of the other's view, which in the end is not so different from our own.
- Jury Prize at the Arab World Institute Laughter Festival
- Winner of the Comedy Mouv competition

Artist : Malik BELKHODJA
Author : Malik BELKHODJA
Director: Malik BELKHODJA

Running time: 1h10