À partir From 17 September 2024 Petit Palais des Glaces
A hilarious experience on the borderline between stand-up and personal development shows

You may have discovered him as Philippe Risotto with Airnadette, but come and meet Guru Dany Parmentier in a hilarious show that combines laughter and personal development. Thanks to his surprising methods, Dany Parmentier reveals the potential of his audience, yes even yours, through a powerful human experience. Dany Parmentier will give you the tools to become a better person and seize the opportunities life has to offer. And it starts now: this advice is free and yet it's by far the best: "Take your place and you'll already have started to grow" Because when you attend a Dany Parmentier show, you'll change forever... for the better.

Artist : Dany Parmentier

Dany Parmentier, Guru

Performed by Nicolas Guillot